Seattle born and current Brooklyn resident singer songwriter, McClain Sullivan was born to sing. She deftly delivers passionate songs that come from her heart. Her voice has an honest emotional component that is matched by few, especially in today's manufactured pop culture.

  Within her tunes, you can hear her struggle, her triumph, and her questioning as you will begin to explore the depths of this complex and gifted artist. Citing artists as varied as Sarah Vaughn, Ani Difranco, and Erykah Badu. Sullivan shows homage to her influences, while forging her own sound and style. After hitting the radio waves in Italy, she was written up in Rolling Stone Italia as one of the new Breaking Artists of the year. Fans of true soul music will not be dissapointed. Your champion has arrived. Her name is McClain Sullivan....



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Two and the Four



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NYC Beer Craft Festival 

I am so proud to be able to perform at Webster Hall with my band for the Festival on July 20th. Not only do I have a bunch of amazing on my team, but I also have a brewer, Chris Cuzme on bass. Check out his beers at 508 Gastrobrewery, and come drink some brewskies with us at this amazing event. Woo hoo!

New Band 

Exciting news guys!
I have a full band now in Brooklyn.
We have played a few shows recently, and I hae been so overwhelmed by the response.
We now have Jeremy Carlstedt on Drums, Chris Cuzme on Bass, and David Cinquegrana on guitar. I couldn't ask for a better bunch of boys to be on stage with.
Plus they really care about their outfits. I got about 30 text messages on if they should wear skinny ties, or wide ties at the last show.
Boys will be boys! Ha!

Shows, shows, shows 

The show at Tammany went really well. It has always been my favorite thing to be able to quiet down a a loud bar.
I'm playing again next week, and can't wait. It's time to take the bull by the horns.
I've truly never been happier then when I'm on stage. It's a calm that comes over me.
Til next week!

New Music Podcast

I've started writing a new album, and am so excited about it.
I also have a show coming up next week at a new venue, and am trying to pack the place out. Let's make it happen!

Back in New York 

 Sometimes I think you truly do need to sit in the middle of nowhere for a few days. I am still only semi-concious from jetlag, but so happy to see my guitar.  After a packed house for my last show in NY, I'm trying to figure out my next step. It was my first time really feeling comfortable talking on stage. I'm sure having one of my bestfriends next to me playing guitar helped, but I've always been...the silent type on stage. Now it's just a whole bunch of talking people. Get ready! "You know what else I… Read more


 Finally got the new site up! I'm currently doing my happy dance that I will be posting later. 
 Just wanted to say thanks for all the support from all the people that have been listening to my music for the last decade. Hugs!