"McClain Sullivan is an R&B and jazz singer with a forward-leaning take on music. Originally from the Pacific Northwest and now living in Brooklyn, she has a special way with songs on her self-released debut EP, Rachel." NPR David Dye World Cafe

 “Combining John McLaughlin-esque jazz with simmering, boiling vocal intensity, McClain Sullivan channels the implosion of romantic relationship and resentment and regret (as well as hints of the good memories) into a percussive vocal delight (including some scatting!) that finds the lows of a relationship implosion without wallowing in self-pity. McClain Sullivan, we want to hear more fro you ASAP.” – BaebleMusic

"Who knew that a seven track album– barely the length of your average television program– could serve as such an immaculately sounding musical composition? Well, it has, and should surely catapult McClain Sullivan into a well deserved, wider spectrum of musical fame. Be on the lookout for this beaut of an album- the elegant Sullivan can only go up from here, and her future surely seems bright." - Elmore Magazine
"Such songwriting and such a voice seem to come about maybe once in a generation, so pay attention to this woman." - Joy of Violent Movement
"You don’t need to stray far from your Al Green and Sade records to appreciate McClain’s new EP." - The Key
"Jazzy backdrop, rum-tumbling rhythm, and slinky guitars drape this number. With tip-of-the-tongue vocal enunciations, sassy lyricism, and a groove-cutting organ McClain Sullivan spits hot fire when she says Happy Anniversary" - Kick Kick Snare
"Sounds like Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse or Lauryn Hill. Yes, I’m dropping some big names. She recalls a style of music that might have been forgotten but her interpretation of jazz might be ready to be embraced by a younger audience tired of singers that don’t quite have the chops that McClain is capable of reaching." - Let's Not Get Carried Away
“Boasting a groovy brand of contemporary jazz, “Happy Anniversary” is great for kicking back and letting the music surround you.” – Magnet Magazine
"mining some Rickie Lee, some Morrissette, some Ella and who knows who else, Sullivan finds the key to cook it all right with just the right seasoning to make it familiar and new at the same time.  Coming at you from short left field, this is a great antidote to crumbs from the cookie cutter.  I can feel a new star rising from indie land." - Midwest Record
"Her amazing versatile, sweet, and powerful voice is displayed in the recently unveiled song 'Happy Anniversary'" - Music & Riots
"This one’s a winner, folks." – Pittsburgh in Tune
“The contagious record vibrates sassiness and vulnerability, wrapped in an incredibly groovy soulful rhythm.” – The Voice

"’Happy Anniversary’ is a storming track. It opens the album with the aggressive tenor of Ani DiFranco mixed with the swagger of Har Mar Superstar." - 1340 Mag

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